Assistance for a blind student

Dear forum

I have a blind composition student and am wondering if there is any way that I can assist the student to access Dorico?

All best wishes


Unfortunately, and to our shame, Dorico is not especially accessible to blind users. Although we have decent support for users with visual impairment ā€“ the ability to change the application theme colours, change the music foreground and background colours, change the colours used for important elements in the music, use of arbitrary zoom levels, the ability to print or export music at arbitrary sizes with different fonts etc. ā€“ the support for blind musicians is not good. Dorico does not currently support screen readers sufficiently well to make it possible for a blind user to use the software without sighted assistance.

This is definitely something we are keen to improve, but Iā€™m afraid we have not yet given it sufficient priority to really move this forwards.

thanks for the quick response. Just wondered if anyone can advise me on braille music to midi conversion via ASCII?