Assistance Needed - Lost eLicenser Key for Cubase 11

As all three Cubase 12 activations are in use already, you may need to use the Cubase 11 license indeed. For that, a new USB-eLicenser has to be purchased and we need the PDF that is mentioned in the SZDT email that you received after requesting it.
However, if you can deactivate one of the systems to free up one Cubase Pro 12 activation, a new USB-eLicenser may not be necessary after all.

Ok, how can I desactivate one of my systems ?

Either start the Activation Manager on one of the three active machines and click Deactivate, or follow the advice from this help document


However, Could you tell me what system are activated ?
Because as far as i’m concerned, I use it only on my PC

Login to your profile, as described on that webpage, there you can see what systems are activated


Ok thanks. I saw three systems activated.

I don’t want to desactivate my main system on which I work every day. But I don’t know which number matches to my main system.

How can I check this.

My OS is Windows.

It is no problem if you deactivate your main system, you can activate it again simply by starting the Activation Manager on the machine an click activate, that is all you need to do.

Which ID a machine has can also ne checked in the Activation Manager. Go to the upper right corner, click on the Profile icon and select Settings. The next screen Shows you the Details.