Assistance Recording Hardware Keyboard

Greetings, fellow Cubasians. I have a bit of a problem that I need some assistance with.

I recently (as in today) started getting into hardware gear. I have a Roland Juno DS-88 Keyboard that I am using to record sounds from. I have it hooked up to my Focusrite 4i4 audio interface via an instrument cable. What I am currently attempting to achieve is to record multiple tracks (not at once, of course) from the keyboard using different patches and have the separate tracks playback from their respective patches from the keyboard (which I don’t know if it’s possible).

I’m also trying to somehow use SysEx to recall the patch from the keyboard whenever I select any track that uses the keyboard, that way I don’t have to manually select the patch on the keyboard each and every time.

I’m a complete beginner when it comes to hardware stuff since I exclusively have worked only with virtual instruments up until this point. Please forgive me for any stupidity I may exhibit!

I appreciate any help I can get on this!



Page 18 in the Parameters Guide

  1. What you will want to do is put the Roland in Performance mode which will allow 16 different TONES to be played individually or all together. Individually if you change the MIDI channel, ALL AT ONCE if you have each PART in the Performance on the SAME channel. Each Part will have its own TONE and CHANNEL assigned to it.
  2. Turn LOCAL=OFF on the Roland in the SYSTEM/UTILITY area.
  3. Once you get the Performance how you want it on the Roland you will want to SAVE it in a USER Performance.
  4. Create however many MIDI tracks you need in Cubase and assign each of those a DIFF midi channel out going to the Roland. MIDI IN on the tracks can be set to ALL MIDI INPUTS.
  5. In order to SAVE your Performance from the Roland, you have to do a SYSEX dump from the ROLAND into CUBASE. In Cubase Preferences go to MIDI/MIDI FILTER and Uncheck the Record SYSEX box and THRU SYSEX box which will allow SYSEX in Cubase now.
  6. Put a MIDI track in RECORD and start Cubase Recording. Go to the Roland and do the SYSEX DUMP for your USER Performance. Now I usually move my tracks down the timeline after the SYSEX dump to allow room for the dump to send to the Keyboard and time to change the sounds.
  7. Check out EXTERNAL INSTRUMENTS in the STUDIO/CONNECTIONS and the MANUAL as this allows the Audio and MIDI to be on the same track in Cubase.
  8. Once you have your MIDI tracks the way you want it you simply record the AUDIO from the ROLAND on an AUDIO track one at a time.

Hope this helps

I got up to #6 and got stuck. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do a SYSEX dump from the Roland to no avail. I couldn’t find any mention of it in the manual when I did a search and I contacted Roland support but have yet to hear back from them. Do you, by any chance, know how to do it?

Looking at the manual I dont see it. Im guessing the storing on the USB stick is what they do instead on this model. BUT, there is a sysex on off if you will noted in the manual.

Utility/System/Menu is usually where the SYSEX Dump, BULK DUMP etc is located