Asteria's First Flight

This is more of an symphonic rock song. This was recorded with Cubase Studio 5 several years back. Have since graduated to the 11 Pro version. Asteria is the Greek goddess of oracles, prophetic dreams and astrology. This is where she took me on her first flight.
Thanks for listening.

Great, Suprawill1, did you play the guitar too?

Thank you Early21!
Yes, guitar is my primary instrument. Also play bass and drums but the drums on this track were programmed on the Addictive Drums program. All other instruments were programmed on Halion.

Superb guitar playing mate! Great artwork aswell, well done!

Thank you Chubs! Happy Holidays!

Nice to listen to such effortless guitar playing.

Thanks Hko! You should have seen the faces I was making. :rofl: