Asterisks Appearing in Print Menu

The Graphics > DPI Resolution > Page Setup menus have asterisks when I’m trying to print. Any help?

The asterisks mean that something is inconsistent across the selection of layouts you’ve made. I can see - because I’m looking for it - that at some point the print page size (which is not the same thing as the Layout Option) for your Full Score layout has been set to a different size to the others.


It could be that there’s a difference in the Annotations that are set between layouts, for instance - you have that section of the right panel closed.

But when it comes to PDF export, DPI is totally irrelevant. Any section of the right panel that is dark grey is irrelevant for whatever it is that you’re trying to do at that moment. Ignore it - Dorico exports vectors in PDFs so the DPI isn’t going to make a jot of difference to anything. Same goes for the page size - the only one that matters is the one in Layout Options.