Astronomy Domine

Hi there ,same band same gig .same recording situation with cubase 4 about 5 years back ,i`m just having a go at re-mixing them ,any comments on the mix are welcome. thanks

This is one of my favorite tracks of Floyd and I reckon this aint a bad job…sounds a bit toppy and lacks bass on my stuff,
would like to have seen this live…good stuff.


ta for your reply Kevin, is it the cymbals what are a bit too much or is it just the overall top end .my fave version of this is the live one from Ummagumma.

Love this performance; great track.

I’m no production expert but it seems to be the general top end but definitely lacks bass…Kevin :slight_smile:

Ummagumma…is awesome… :slight_smile:

thanks Leon

Ta, i`ll have another look , i need to keep up to my references , being getting lazy. thanks for your input