Asus B560 motherboard -- annoying noise in the monitors (UR44C)

Updated the studio with a new computer PC, now i got a usb noice in the monitors.
I use a ur44c and Yamaha hs80, balanced cables and so. Havent changed anyting besides the computer, had no noice with the older one.
the computer runs a ASUS ROG Strix B560-F GAMING WIFI motherboard, anyone else using the same motherboard?

any suggestions ?

How did you conclude it was a “USB noise” ?
Do not use the analog output from your PC, these usually vary from mediocre to tolerable.

Analog output from your PC, what do you mean ?
Can “hear” when i for example moves the mouse around,

The only cable between your PC and your UR44C should be a USB cable - that’s all you need.
If you have any other cable, that’s likely an analog cable and the cause of your problem.

yes of course thats the only cable between the ur 44c and computer. :slight_smile:
The yamaha Hs80 monitors is connected with balanced cables to the Ur44c.
Just got a new computer and hokked all the cables in same as on the old one.
Had no noice issues with the old computer.

Have you tested the xlr or trs balanced cables or swapped them with others to rule them out as the culprit?

Since they worked just fine with my old computer i dont think they are the problem, but i can have a try with some other cables.

Sounds like the noice is changes when the computer works i move the mouse etc.

Yes. It’s a common problem. It’s worth testing your balanced cables before doing anything else because it’s the cheapest and easiest thing to fix.

I would try with a different USB cable as well if you haven’t already. It could have a broken shield.

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yes, good point.