ASUS GeForce® GT 730 graphics card 4 x displays

Just wondering if anyone is using this card for multi screen ?
Seems to good to be true 4 x displays for £89
ASUS GeForce® GT 730 | Graphics Card | ASUS Global

I don’t use this card but,
Indeed extraordinary thing for this price point. And ‘silent’ as well.

Yes , in this climate with Graphic cards , anyway ive ordered one as my old Hd7790 is no longer supported and causing some issues .
Steinberg keep saying that Cubase isn’t graphic intensive and any mediocre graphics card will do so it’s worth a try , i know there was issues with the drivers but the new studio drivers solved those issues

Studio drivers indeed, but I am not sure these are available for this GT730 chipset.
My advice: Install NVIDIA ‘core’ drivers only. So no 'Accelerators, Physix and other typcial Gaming stuff. So only the bare essential omitting all optional stuff.

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Yes ive just downloaded the latest driver package , i hope there’s no issues with the Game driver , yes i’ll only be installing the driver , nothing else

I can recommend the newer 730 with the 4 Hdmi ports , seems to be running very well with 3 monitors .

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Thanks, this is nice to know!

Actually , it’s not good , im having major DPC spikes which im at the moment trying to get to the bottom of . One is the wdf01000.sys causing major hassle and dxgkrnl.sys is also causing major problems , the worst program is Spectral Layers 9 , as soon as you move the track ball , it spikes horrendously

Okay, sorry to hear that, but Thanks a lot for this info …
So maybe just a bit to ‘cheap’ to be true indeed …

All good . loads of optimising and figured out how to just unpack the driver and use the Device Manager to install just that with out the display card controls . took a while to get the DPC sorted but i feel confident it’s now running how it should be

I think it’s a normal price for a 10 year old card.
Current price is about 70-80 € here in Germany.

Probably because it’s a prodictivity card and therefore not very appealing for gamers.

I don’t have this one but also an ASUS card. I’m very happy with it.
But you might get driver issues at some point so I recommend going for a later product.

Ummm i don’t think it’s a ten year old card , there are loads of different versions of the GT730 and this is the latest version which was released the max of 2 years ago and it’s working fine with Cubase and 3 screens