At the end of my rope-

Yep- I tried it all. Got the new IMAC. Loaded the new Cubase 6. All went well. Downloaded the
update for the interface. Configured the midi and checked and checked to be sure it was
correct. Out’s to in’s and in’s to out’s. Groove agent works find but thats it. Can’t get the midi
signal from the keyboard to the Grand or Halion. The interface is receiving the signal from the
keyboard but the Grand and Halion or anything are not receiving it. Don’t know what to do. Any ideas ???
I checked the interface and all seems good. Any idea is worth the try. Worked good on my last Cubase
before I installed the new Cubase 6.

Howdy John,

That has happened to me before. In my case it was a routing issue in the software (not hardware).

Make sure Cubase is set-up under Devices so it recognizes your hardware MIDI interface. You may need updated device drivers … worth checking with the vendor online site and downloading the latest driver for your platform and operating system.

Make sure the appropriate MIDI channel(s) number(s) are assigned … and uniform all the way from the hardware to the VSTi channel(s), making sure Cubase is “seeing” the signal from the MIDI interface (like the interface is seeing signal from the controller keyboard) … and also the VSTi is loaded in the virtual instrument rack and “seeing” the signal from the keyboard controller. Be patient and methodical and you’ll find where the link isn’t happening.

Good luck.

Thanks for the input. Every little bit helps --you may have the answer.

Hi John,

One more thing … a new feature that bears mentioning … “Activate All Outputs” … see the little arrow icon to the right of the “e” button on the VST Instruments virtual rack:

Well, I had downloaded the drivers this morning and it did not work. I thought I’d give it another try this
afternoon and BAM it worked and everything is working just fine. Thanks for making your suggestion it
prompted me to try again.

Excellent! :sunglasses:

Hmmmm… that’s been in Cubase for awhile now hasn’t it?

Depends on how many versions you have sitting on the shelf in their unopened boxes… :slight_smile:

Looks like I’m busted! :laughing:

@ Audiocave,

I have a peculiar (to some) habit of waiting for subsequent update releases before installing the next-to-most-recent-version. In other words, when I recently received C6 … I installed C5 which had sat on my desk, in the box unopened for … years. When C7 is released, I’ll order it and instal C6. This strategy allows me to be on the bleeding edge of technology with minimal blood loss. :wink: