AT2035 + UR22 mkii Not Working


I recently upgraded from a cheap 3.5mm mic to an XLR setup with the AT2035 & UR22 mkii. I have got the input from the mic to playback through both my speakers and headphones, but it does not seem to be working with audio software, discord or any games. I am not too sure what I have done wrong. Any help would be appreciated.


Your software is probably all still pointing to the PC 3.5mm input. You need to set up Windows audio input and/or the specific software to record from the correct input.

The reason you hear it already is that you are direct monitoring via the interface.

So for Cubase make sure UR22 ASIO driver is selected, then add a mono input bus in VST connections, assign to whichever channel the mic is plugged into.
Then add an audio track and assign it’s input as that bus.