ATARI ST and Cubase 2023

I have just lashed out £42 on a micro SD ‘Hard Drive’ for the ST - a ACIS2STM.

Sadly though, I have a TOS 1.02 which doesn’t handle HD partition management that well but I have a couple of workarounds without having to replace the ROMS for 1.04 or 2.06.

  • ICD will partition and HDutility will prep the SD card in situ from the floppy in the ST. Both free.

  • EmuTOS can be imaged onto the SD card in Windows with Win32Diskimager and you can mange files from Windows - but only on the first Parttion (0).

  • EmuTOS also bootloads TOS2.06 into upper RAM

  • EmuTOS is open source and still in development.


  • ICD on TOS 1.02 will only see up to 1Gb across several partitions, but remember that most PRGS fit on a single 720kb floppy natively, so still lots of room to work.

  • ICD partitioned SD card is not readable in Windows.

  • EmuTOS will run Pro24 with Dongle, but none of the usual CUBASE options


  • SD cards are cheap* and so maybe have two or three with different setups. However, the ACIS2STM device only accommodates one at a time unlike UltraSatan.

  • Booting Pro24 is lightening fast and of course no swapping disks to save your work mid flow!

  • Having ALL your songs and parts and utilities on one disk - even in same folder! - is great.

I have 4Mb in my ST so I can load ‘all’ the desktop ACC’s at bootup. I have relied upon Satellite for years to port ‘part’ files containing sysex patch headers into my Pro 24 performances so that I can just load and play!

In conclusion, although this addition to my setup is a breath of fresh air in using your old ST productively in 2023, a working floppy is still as important as it ever was for fallback - even if you have saved ALL your PRG’s/APPs and software onto PC hard drives/USB’s etc. I have an old Thinkpad 760 that has the swapable HDD bays (and/or FDD) and I simply load in a vanilla DOS 6.22 installed HDD and then can swap data via DOS 720 mb formatted floppy disks with the ST and from the DOS HD onto a Win98 HDD. The 760 also can handle USB under W98se with a PCMCIA USB. Oh and then is old faithful Ghostlink to PC!

I am still experimenting and finding workarounds to partition limits and so if others have info and advice would be great to hear!

my rig in action running on floppy technology a while ago here:

*not all microSD cards will work and there is a list available, but for me the two that do are Sandisk 4Gb class 2 and Kingston 8Gb class 4


Reminds of my Falcon 030 days (also had an ST before that, which was then relegated to office duties :wink: ). It hat a 1 GB HDD which was sooo big back then :smiley:

On topic, I’d probably still consider upgrading to TOS 2.06 at some point.