Atmos Advice, Please

As I eagerly await my Nuendo (Steinberg keeps rejecting my email to register as it has a “.” in it! I have had the same email for 20 years.)

I am reading and planning my first Atmos setup.

Question: Should I use the 10 beds or create and use object-beds for 9,1,6.

I understand the .1 can’t be an object…s

Tech companies have issues like this on a regular basis (older story, but to the point): ABC News

I bit the bullet and paid to have a tech set up the full system for exactly this reason - pass the headache.

Does God know anything about best Atmos practices - beds and objects or all objects?

It’s the wild west out there. With Atmos for music, there are plenty of ways to get to the same finish line and folks are trying to figure out what works best for their own workflows.

If you’re looking for some sort of definitive answer, there is none. But the closest you may find are Apple themselves: “to keep the mix clear and coherent, limiting the number of object tracks to just a few featured sounds is recommended.” Build a Dolby Atmos mix in Logic Pro - Apple Support

This is probably because streaming for Dolby Atmos Music and Apple spatial audio is limited to 756kbps and more beds plus objects means it will be harder for the renderer to manage all the tracks with such a limited bit stream. (Atmos for Blu-Ray or motion picture theatrical distribution is a different story.)

Good luck and happy hunting!


My naïve question is: what would take up more streaming space 10 beds and 4 objects or 14 objects.

Does the same apply for an Atmos binaural track?


The short answer is, for streaming at the end device it does not make any difference.
At some point all your up to 128 Bed or object channels will be condensed to 16 Elements or stereo\binaural. ( Not talking about Cinema here…)
This is, what the end devices will get.

The very long, but very interesting answer is also explained in this Video:



Thank you Dirx - Yes i have seen Justin’s vid (needs to be cut into shorter pieces) and wrote to him for his mastering rate card. …s

PS just got the CDB Guides for Distribution (CD-Baby) and there is no mention of Atmos or immersive.

Dolby TrueHD Atmos can have 16 objects, but I think Dolby Digital Plus (which is going to be the vast majority of streaming) only gets 12 objects.

At least I remember reading that somewhere.

EDIT: Never mind. I just exported an MP$ from the stand alone renderer and it had 16 objects.