Atmos binaural questions

The new Atmos authoring in Nuendo includes adding metadata for binaural playback:

The binaural mode can be selected for beds as well as objects.

What is not clear in any description:

  1. At what stage are these binaural renderings applied?

  2. Why are these mixes not available for monitoring inside Nuendo?

My guess to #1 is that binaural is an optional rendering mode on consumer devices equipped with Atmos, and that plugging in headphones to one of these (a new iPhone or Android) will prompt the binaural version of the mix.

About #2, I have already set up my system for native Atmos → Ambisonics → binaural as well as using dearVR monitor. I am not asking about monitoring binaural in general but asking about monitoring the specific decoding algorithm used by the Atmos binaural output.

Hi VV1,
To answer your questions
#1-You are correct. The binaural information is decoded by supported consumer devices when headphones are recognized.

#2-Unfortunately the only way to monitor this EXACT version of your mix is through Dolby Atmos Production Suite or Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite. Neither Nuendo, Pro-Tools or Davinci Resolve have the built in facilities to achieve this currently. It would be nice if Dolby opens this up some day but I would not hold my breath for it.

Hello…as a follow-up to VV1’s question:

Rexler, I read your Dec. 20 post where you listed 8 steps for monitoring in binaural. I appreciate the info. I’m currently trying to decide on a Nuendo 11 crossgrade since it now includes the Atmos tools.

I don’t have a 7.1.4 setup at the moment, so I’d like to monitor binaural on headphones. I would be mainly mixing my own songs in Atmos for Apple Music, etc.

My question is, with the routing setup you described for binaural monitoring, how accurate would this headphone mix be compared to the DAPS or DAMS binaural rendered mix? (I’d like to avoid having to purchase extra software like realVR monitor if possible.)

I’m just wondering how accurate this would be. Thanks in advance if you can clarify…cheers!

I’d say that DearVR Monitor actually does a pretty good job for monitoring Atmos through headphones in Nuendo. They’ve got sales every now and then. And it works on Windows.

Thanks RobL…

I decided to go ahead and crossgrade to Nuendo 11 anyway. I’ve been on Logic Pro lately and haven’t used Cubase since V6, so after installing Nuendo yesterday I realize I’m in for a long re-learning curve.

By the time I’ll be ready to mix the music I’m working on, hopefully more info will come to light on binaural monitoring. If I have to go with something like dearVR monitor I’ll give it a try. (made a typo in my previous post calling it realVR monitor).

Meanwhile, if anyone has more info on how to get the most accurate binaural monitoring mix using Nuendo’s renderer please share :headphones:. Cheers!