ATMOS - Importing multiple ADMs

I need to import multiple ADM BWF files to compile an album. The Atmos album version must be matched exactly to the original stereo album version with regards to crossfades and track lengths. The first ADM file imports and connect the bed and all objects perfectly. My problem is, when I import the second ADM file, the first one loses all of the object connections. How do I import more than one ADM file without losing object connections?

I need to use the external Dolby Atmos renderer to do this

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I´m afraid there is no tool for that at the moment… what i know is that Dolby have a Mastering tool in Alpha Test at this very moment.

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Do you have more info on that? In theory, Nuendo is capable of handling album sequencing for Atmos material. It’s just the erratic behaviour of it’s object linking that makes it really difficult to work with

Multiple ADMs has not been needed in my workflow yet so I haven’t tried it.

However as long as you have the same exact same Atmos IO routing setup for all material you ought to be able to do this as a workaround (I have not tested but I can’t see how it wouldn’t work):

Import each ADM into a separate Nuendo project, create initial parameter events.
Create a new project and import the tracks in to it.
Move the material to the appropriate point in time.
Move the tracks to a single set of 128 channels (until you do Atmos monitoring will not work so you have to do it without hearing all at the same time).
Export / re-record as new ADM (depending on workflow).

I can’t see a reason to why this wouldn’t work.

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do you think the objects panner position, size of objects… (all automations) will keep the position / information this way?

Everything that can be set dynamically should work this way (again I have not tried it) but object automation data is no different than any other automation data when it’s inside Nuendo.

Everything that is static metadata like binaural settings etc has to be the same for all material and that would require quite a bit of planning before hand.

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My plan was this:

  1. Set up an “Album sequencing” template complete with an Atmos IO preset and named bed and object tracks with correct routing
  2. Import the original stereo masters, all on one track, to serve as a timing reference for the album
  3. Import each ADM one at a time and sort the elements into the different groups (a Near, Mid and Far set of tracks)
  4. “Time out” the album by moving, crossfading, editing the ADM files to be in sync with the stereo masters (make sure “automation follows events” is active to move metadata with the parts)
  5. Export the new arrangement as a new set of ADMs for submission

The problem comes in with step 3. When you import a new ADM, you lose ALL the object routing of your template. So it works, it’s just a lot of time wasted by having to reroute all the objects again after you’re done importing

No crossfading between Atmos songs possible at this time (so you can’t do it exactly like you can for an album) as far as I understand.

So did you try my suggested workaround above?
No reroute should be needed if you just move the tracks onto existing connected tracks, as long as you do not import multiple adms into the same project as that was where the routing was dropped right?