Atmos mix to binaural mix from Nuendo

Hi all , This is my first try to mix dolby atmos with just a pair of headphones , As youtube does not support Atmos format ,i have translated it as binaural , pls hear it in headphones and post your valuable comments and suggestions

Good stuff Rksundar.

I am still on the way to “learn” how to properly listen to binaural material. Am not yet there. Still have trouble to differ between top and bottom. Left right is no problem. Front/Back is OK. Could have to do with my gray hair, the aged ears underneath, and the brain in between. :wink:

Also had a recent 1st try to produce a binaural mix from a Dolby Atmos mix. Basis was a 8-channel 3D recording of a church organ. Atmos result is great. Ambisonics result is so la la. Still trying to improve it - if my ears and brain understand it correctly. :wink: