Atmos mixing - Is the immerse plugin required for headphone mixing?


I’m wanting to try Atmos mixing and thinking about getting Nuendo. I will have to use headphones to do the mixing. My question is, do you have to have the Immerse Ambidecoder plugin to do Atmos mixing on headphones in Nuendo 11?


Look at this video Monitoring Ambisonics with Waves NX in Nuendo (or Cubase) - YouTube

In fact, look at his channel, he has many videos about Atmos with Nuendo

Great, I’ll check it out, thanks!

AFAIK, you do need some sort of live conversion to Binaural to play back on two speakers (your headphones). I like Immerse so far, but will also be exploring the Waves NX and head tracker device as well, especially for game audio design.

No you don’t. You can do Binaural mixing internally with Nuendo 11 without 3rd party software. You can download N11 for a month free demo. Also Follow Michael Wagner on YouTube.

So, how would I mix in Binaural with zero specialized plug ins to translate what would be a Stereo mix, or an Atmos mix, or 5.1, or whatever, into Binaural? Thanks.

Send your mix to a Third Order Ambisonics bus then put the AmbiDecoder VST plugin on that channel and monitor with it through headphones.

Alternatively you could route it in the Control Room by adding a TOA output bus and making that the “main mix”. Route your entire mix to this bus. Nuendo will automatically add the AmbiDecoder plugin on the headphones in the Control Room.


Thanks for all the information and the Michael Wagner YT vids, those were really helpful. I went ahead and got Nuendo. I already had waves NX so I’ll try it a couple of different ways. Thanks again!

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