Atmos Mixing Problem

Hi All,
I’ve been checking out the Atmos integration in 11 and I can’t seem to get any LFE info to that meter while in Bed mode. (It is greyed out in Object mode). Can anyone confirm or deny that?


LFE is a dedicated channel for low freq fx. Objects are fx that are panned around in 3D space. So for objects there is no LFE as it is not pannable.

If I understood your dilemma right …

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Thanks Tumppi but I am aware of that, I’m talking about bed mode. Turning up the LFE knob on the panner window does not seem to register on the meter like the other 11 channels. Thanks.

Maybe this is a stupid question, but; how did you test this? Can you type out a repro for it?

And is this different from in Nuendo v10?

I thought I had read that LFE is not available in beds? Hope I’m wrong.

@Paulwr - it should be for beds ? it’s not available for objects.