Atmos Object position not correct

Opening an atmos project created in n10, the first four objects are supposed to be in the top four corners. The picture shows where they default to. These are the height quad buss. The picture shows where they default to. Closing the project and reopening, they are still incorrect. Opening in N10, they are where they are supposed to be. Top four corners

11.0.30 build 417

You mean that closing/reopening Nuendo forgets panning? Did you automate it / put automation points on pan lanes?

Yes. Theres were objects with positional metadata that was ignored. Read was on.

Diggin in, it seems what is happening is that when there is an automation track without and initial anchor and stays static throughout, the default placement isn’t recognized. This happens more specifically when the output buss structure is changed and the object has to be re-routed to a new path.

Ok, so does it happen only when closing / reopening and changing the output, or does it always change when closing / reopening?

If it’s the “and” scenario do you change the routing after reopening or before closing?

This Always happens when changing the channel or buss routing structure. The track positional automation does not stay in it’s original place.