Atmos Set Up Opinions for Nuendo

My work history includes deep experience with stereo production, less with 5.1 ( but enough ) none with Atmos .

My opinion of the way a traditional surround mix translates to reproduction with less than optimal equipment is only slightly higher than my my opinion of how stereo mixes were processed into “surround “ by some receivers etc. Not good.

Skip to a week or so ago. I bought a new 14” MacBook Pro … very happy with it… and almost immediately found myself on a work trip. I’m my hotel room I thought to watch an episode of “For All Mankind” ( season 3 ) on the Apple TV + app on the laptop . I didn’t bother to plug into the room’s screen , but wanted to see how the laptop’s screen performed ( amazing btw ). But what blew my mind was the delightful sound that came out of what amounts to the bezel of the MacBook!!

Mixed in Atmos , the soundtrack was reproduced with both full rich sound, but also amazingly immersive elements. That’s the bit which blew my mind. Sound effects were often placed literally left and right 90 degrees from my viewing axis, dialog was right out of the screen, but music cues were absolutely above and around the voices. It made everything so comprehensible and intelligible… so easy to listen to.

Nothing from “over head or behind” … but I’m not expecting miracles!

All from a tiny laptop… on my lap. Color me impressed and curious.

The MacBook has “high-fidelity six-speaker sound system consists of two pairs of dual force-canceling woofers and two tweeters” … that’s all very well, but they are tiny and set centimeters apart. How is what I heard possible?

So my question is to those experienced in Atoms production ( I’m jealous) . Given it can reproduce so well in such a restricted environment, what are the lower limits of production technology ( monitoring/encoding/decoding I guess ) to being able to work with it in Nuendo? “Work” here means exploring Atmos production not taking on pro mixing jobs.

Thought experiment - given I heard very impressive spatial results from my laptop (!) is there a universe where Atoms monitoring could be my laptop? Not literally … I know that’s dumb… but for example in stereo production it is possible to do a very creditable stereo mix on a couple of humble Auratones. Not ideal, but possible. So is there an “auratone” version of Atmos?

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Recent Apple notebooks apply all sorts of psychoacoustic tricks to the audio signal, such as crosstalk cancellation, virtual bass, strong (dynamic?) equalisation that takes into account the resonances of the specific enclosure, and so on. The results are amazing, but they exaggerate the “wow” factor so much that they sometimes seem more like a burlesque caricature of the original. It’s fun to listen to, but I wouldn’t make a decision based on the perceived output, especially not in questions of 3D audio. :slight_smile:

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