Atmos - Setup - Control Room / Bass managent etc

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So watching the setup video for Dolby Atmos in N11 I see a plugin be inserted on an output bus. The way I have my system setup currently I’m using Control Room for monitoring and in it I have some configurations that include bass management for 5.1 and 2.1.

With Atmos set up will we still be able to separately manage bass or even use Control Room at all?

I’m pretty sure I won’t be the only one who’s looking to getting their feet wet using a “modest” 7.1.4 setup, and of course adding management for bass and more in the actual B-chain would likely raise the cost quite a bit. Rather than looking at an added interface at around $1,500 for example the cost could double in order to get something with included DSP for these tasks. I understand btw that there are compromises here, but I hope you understand…

Anyone know?

Very interested in this as well. Wondering where I will have to make an investment to get into atmos as RME has also promised that Totalmix 1.7 will have better “surround support in the CRM section.”

yes they promised that but Totalmix 1.7 doesn’t have surround support built in. The is a beta on the website.

They have been promising it for over 5 years but I’m not convinced it will happen in the near future…and then will probably be only 5.1 (sigh)

TBH it doesn’t really matter as you can just gang all the faders that you are using as outputs and control them from the master fader. So if you are not using the totalmix routing or totalmix talkback then it’s not really a problem.

Haha, yes. They only promised “better” support after all.