Atmos setup loses settings (Mac)

Hey. I’m working on an Atmos project in N12.0.40 where I’ve set up a bunch of objects. Every time I close and reopen this project some of the object assignments get lost and I have to reassign them in the “ADM Authoring for Dolby Atmos” settings. Annoying as hell but I have found no way around it. The source tracks are still selected in the list, it’s just that the atmos object assignments somehow get lost. Selecting the tracks again will reassign them properly to the object numbers they had before. Does anyone know a way around this? It only happens on my Mac, not on my Windows machine.

Can’t help but thanks for posting! Have not seen this on 12.0.30, can you roll back?
I’m still on 12.0.30 for sake security that my sessions will work in Atmos… was about to upgrade this weekend, so thanks for posting this…I’m holding of until this is solved, this sounds like a real time eater… good luck