Atmos to Sony 360RA?

Hi everyone

A client has asked me to deliver a ‘360 RA which is Sony’s equivalent’ mix along with a Dolby Atmos mix (for music). This is the first time I have been asked for this format.

I have tried to research this but I am still unsure what this means in terms of delivery and format. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Is this something I can deliver with Nuendo? As I would already have an Atmos mix working and (to the best of my ability) a binuaral mix, is the workflow to produce a 360 (VR?) mix easy or would (as I suspect) it involve a ground up remix (in terms of panning)?



If I remember correctly, Sony VR is built on the MPEG-H standard. For production, you need the “360 WalkMix Creator” plug-in, which carries a price tag of about 546 euros.
The plug-in can also be used with Nuendo. And before I explain it to you in a long-winded way: Here is a video that should answer many of your questions about this format: How to use 360 WalkMix Creator™ - YouTube

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thanks a lot @MAS - now it makes sense! I’ll post back here when I’ve finished the project to share my experiences.

I am glad that I could help. When you have completed your project, I would be very interested in your experience with Sony 360 Reality Audio. In particular, whether it is worth its price. :smile: