Atmospheric DnB Free Download

Made with Cubase 7.5, Halion 5, Groove Agent 4

not a bad groove and you have managed to create a weird kind of atmosphere a mixture of euphoric and tension ,don`t know how much of it is stock sounds . some of the chords on the intro sound a bit dis jointed, the bass is nearly non existent on my pc monitor speakers .i like the overall thing it just needs some kick ass bass

I think you need a better Soundsystem. A Subwoofer!!! The Subbass is good enough. thanks for replay m8

cheers :slight_smile:

cloth ears

Hi D.Fuse,

I like all these sounds and stuff. I was wondering if you would let someone else (a budy off mine and me) make a dance version of this song. It`s a dance called Zouk and in this dance different kinds of songs are used to remix and make them dance-able to the style. From Dubstep to R&B to the original Brazilian Zouk beats.

If you like we can give it a go.

Grtz Peter

Like this track a lot. Downloaded it thanks

ye bass is there mate, very good track still- reminds of 1990s, only critic is its too straight, maybe switching the sounds for a bit to keep the excitement going, and the chords in the intro did sound a bit off. see what others say any how.

apart from that? ill buy it!

neil you have some wicked tracks too, just been letting your tunes roll as I am looking at steinberg.

Many thx for the replay :slight_smile: im glad you like the tracks