Atom - Outside In (Migra InSideAlone Remix)

Hi I made this electronic remix from song ‘Outside In’ by ‘Atom’ UK Band


very good ,reminds me of a dance U2 track , love it lots of energy .excellent vocals.

Thanks a lot! Really appreciate your feedback! Thanks for listening!


It’s a really great production though I think you could have done a bit more with it, especially with your drum track, not that its a tie breaker, it would just make the song more attractive for listening and not monotonous repeat of the same thing over and over. Listen to your part 3:55 to 3:57, might sound crazy but I would have developed that part into a long bridge that can fade out a little and then pick up again and put the song back on track. I’m a big Armin van Buuren fan and I listen to all his shows, you have great potential here, I think you should think in terms of bringing more contrast between the different pieces of the song and develop it more. Really like your synths and the vocals. Michael.

Sounds really good man, I like what you did with the vocals, they sound really wide and sweet. I love the part after 2:30, great vibes. My only suggestion would be to give a little Pan variety to the vocal during that part. The “Ah, ah, ah, aaaah’s” in that part are always to the right and that had my head feeling like it was slightly tilted right.

Great work!

Thanks a lot for taking the time to hear it! I really really appreciate all of your feedback, this is what I need to pay attention to my growth progress, thanks again and I’ll take your advice for my next tracks!


Once I exported it and heard it the first thing I thought was: “Damn I forgot to pan the Ahh’s! ¬¬ lol” I’ll pay more attention before exporting the next time! :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks a lot for listening and taking the time to comment!!