ATT Steinberg

I had a great and creative idea in mind, and I want to share it with you.

I thought I post my idea here on your forum.

I am a cubase 5 user, I bought Cubase in original from thomann.
I am runing version 5.5.3

If you would make an update, one of the most usefull things you could do is to put a render button on every track that will render the whole track. Just like in wavelab. This way we don’t have to press export, and select the track…
it saves a lot of time for good producers. Just hit RENDER on the track you want and it will be replaced with the new version of the track, rendered with the FX Inserts, and no locators needed, just RENDER. It would be a great new feature.

And plus, you will be much ahead of Pro Tools, as you already are.

The new features of Pro Tools 10 really suck. You can select the volume on a selected audio clip /:slight_smile: whaat??
We had that in cubase a long time ago. They’re trying to steal Cubase’s game.
The only thing Cubase would need except small features like RENDER and other practical things, would be…
a Powerful interface DSP maybe PCI-Express, that could make VST-s run much better on DSP, and lay off the CPU.
Except performance and compatibility, cubase if perfect. It’s the most practical DAW in the world, let’s be honest.

So a RENDER Button on every Instrument track and Audio track would be absolutely great.

A DSP for future maybe, or even better a hardware device, like a computer processor (CPU) to resolve all the performance problems for some people. I have Sandy Bridge, works incredibly, but when I get to 80 tracks in a song, still…it starts to get close to the limit. It just works slower but still renders the sound. rarely the sound screws up and sounds like 8 bit crushed, I don’t know why, maybe some plugins.

RENDER button Steinberg, please. Tell me what you think. I am a 15+ Years Cubase user, I would be glad to talk to someone from Steinberg, maybe I have some other ideas. Cubase was recomended to me by and old german guy from where I live, his name is Einshenk, the best in town. I’ve been using cubase ever since.

Greetings from Kronstadt.


You have Freeze at the moment! Plus you’re not going to get any more updates for C5.

I do agree though, freeze isn’t ideal for reasons that’ve been discussed to death :stuck_out_tongue:
Won’t come in Cubase 5 update, maybe in a Cubase 6 update, hopefully in Cubase 7.