Attach samples/audio to notes?

Hi there,
In some of my compositions and arrangements I’m writing some yells like “Hey!” for the musicians.
How? I add a note, change the notehead to a cross, add the lyric “hey!” and suppress the playback.

My wish is to hear the “Hey!” in the playback. Is it possible to add some audiofiles/audiosamples to a note? Or maybe an alternative method?

Would be great! Tom

I guess that if you set independent voice playback and create a separate voice which you allocate to a sampled instrument with the voice sample it could work. So you have to create a VST instrument in a DAW or stand alone software like Kontakt with your voice sample. Either with several pitches of Hey or with several samples with different words you want to use each allocated to a different note. You could ‘even play that voice instrument in a hidden staff in Dorico while in the score showing the words as lyrics.

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Native Instruments has a Jacob Collier Audience Choir that has some shouts in it. You might check it out.


Thanks! I tried the Jacob Collier suggestion and it worked!
I wrote a tutorial for this for all dutch-speaking people: