Attach two dynamic symbols to one item


I have to attach a crescendo-descrescendo item to just one note.

Dorico tries to split those items and attach each of them to a separate item (note / rest).

Of course, I can try to cheat, with doing a manual graphical adjustment in engrave mode but I’d consider it better, if Dorico would allow me to attach two dynamic symbols to a single item.

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This is already possible. In fact dynamics are not attached to notes but to rhythmic positions.
In your example activate the caret at the position where you want the first hairpin to start, open the dynamics popover and enter < for a crescendo hairpin, confirm with enter. It seems as if nothing happens, but when you advance the caret with spacebar now, the hairpin is created and lengthened accordingly. Just open the popover at any position where you want a new dynamic marking.

Thanks, fkretlow!

When I tried your workflow I discovered one important additional behaviour:

In the dynamics pop-over, before creating a dynamic by pressing enter, you can determine its length by choosing the corresponding note-duration in the left box. After that just press spacebar. That’s the solution for my problem.

Sorry, Andreas, could you explain this again for someone who doesn’t quite understand what you’re saying? What is the left box?

Hi, wconable.
The left box Andreas was referring to is the left panel in write mode, the one where you pick the rhythmic values of the musical objects you want to input. You can select a value (for instance a quarter note), enter note input mode (by double clicking where you want to input your dynamic in the score — it will show the caret), then press shift-D to input a dynamic there, input whatever dynamic you wish in the popover (any hairpin < or >, or crescendo, dim., whatever you need), press enter, and then press the space bar. This last step will make the caret move and write the dynamic according to the rhythmic value chosen at the beginning. A nice trick is to select a short value (16th note) and press the space bar as many times as you feel in order to get the dynamic’s length that you wish.
Hope it helps !

Thanks, that clarifies it.