Attached marker not following trim ?!?

Hello folks,
Ok is this one of these hidden “new features” or have I missed some obscure preference somewhere : When I trim a clip in the montage window, the attached marker does not follow the trim as it used to. I initially thought that I had forgotten to attach it, but even if I do again it keeps on behaving this way…
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I can’t reproduce a problem. Are you sure the marker is attached to the proper clip edge?
How do you trim the clip? By resizing the edge with the mouse?

Thanks for your reponse, weird, neither can I reproduce it. And I am quite sure they where properly attached. Some freak incident…
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(Oh, and while we are at it, I am a big fan of the "magic wand " function, I wish is was not restricted to only CD markers, as it comes in very useful to attach markers of all types do clips in one go)

What “magic want” function are you speaking about concerning markers? The only WaveLab “magic want” I remember, is not about markers but about spectrum editing.


Sorry I missed your reply, I was talking about the CD Wizard in fact, that used to have a magic wand as a symbol but maybe long time ago :slightly_smiling_face:
What I meant is a function that as the CD wizard, would enable to take all the files in the montage and attach markers of a specified type in one go. For the moment this is restricted specifically to CD tracks. Of course I can then convert those CD markers into something else but it would be convenient. But maybe I missed something.;;
Thanks again

What is currently possible, is to select multiple markers, and apply a bind operation to them in one operation:

Thanks for the answer, !
It’s just that the magic wand thing is so convenient, not only for CD construction. Could be a single goto menu item for all cases
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if you tick the “automatically attach new Markers to the Most Suitable Clip” before you start in your montage it will attach the markers automatically to the files when you add them and they will move around, use the cd wizard to add all the markers at the specs you need (sometimes you need to convert milliseconds/seconds into cd frames), then convert the marker type in the marker dialog window (under functions) if you need to change any :slight_smile:

a few more button presses, but its reliable and consistent