Attached marker not following trim ?!?

Hello folks,
Ok is this one of these hidden “new features” or have I missed some obscure preference somewhere : When I trim a clip in the montage window, the attached marker does not follow the trim as it used to. I initially thought that I had forgotten to attach it, but even if I do again it keeps on behaving this way…
Thanks for your feedback

I can’t reproduce a problem. Are you sure the marker is attached to the proper clip edge?
How do you trim the clip? By resizing the edge with the mouse?

Thanks for your reponse, weird, neither can I reproduce it. And I am quite sure they where properly attached. Some freak incident…
Best regards;
(Oh, and while we are at it, I am a big fan of the "magic wand " function, I wish is was not restricted to only CD markers, as it comes in very useful to attach markers of all types do clips in one go)

What “magic want” function are you speaking about concerning markers? The only WaveLab “magic want” I remember, is not about markers but about spectrum editing.