Attaching gradual tempo changes to all staves

In my choral scores, I prefer to mark gradual tempo changes on each staff. How do I override the “always print at the top like an orchestral score” preset? Do I need to just write them as text?

Many thanks.

I don’t think this is possible.

You might be able to create a custom playing technique that is identical to the tempo font? This way you’d be able to link the playing technique to multiple staves and only need to adjust on one of them… I think this might be possible.

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Or use a line with start text – you may need to fiddle about with where the line attaches to the text, so it emerges from the bottom of the characters (minus descenders) rather than the centre.

Thank you @wavmonopoly, however this question was posted in the Dorico forum :slight_smile:

Checking other posts of this “user”, I am quite certain it is either a bot or someone who reposts answers generated by chatGPT or another AI tool. I personally think it should be banned but it’s up to moderators, of course.

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Many thanks, smart Dorico users! For this project, I can forego the playback function, so plain text will do. I may experiment later to see what I can finagle to incorporate playback as well.

Hmm…I don’t FEEL like an AI. But maybe none of them do…

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@David_Ostenso_Moore My reply was not pointing to you, but to a user named “wavmonopoly” which was really a bot and now is already deleted from the forum, together with all its posts :slightly_smiling_face:

I think I realized that after I hit “send” on my earlier reply. It did leave me wondering if bots know that they’re bots, though.