Attempted purchasing two more Nuendo upgrades, still don't have an order

This past Friday I purchased two more Nuendo 10>11 upgrades, our 6th and 7th. The first purchase of three last year were delayed by a number of days for some reason, the second purchase a few weeks ago went through immediately, these last two still haven’t gone through.
The last reachable page in the process gave me an “order pending” message so I thought at worst it would wait until Monday until someone not working weekends would receive it. I still haven’t received order confirmation nor download codes as of Monday afternoon CET.
I attempted both AskNet support and Steinberg support but they both require an order number to submit a ticket. Obviously there is no order number, the order is pending. Any idea how to proceed? I was supposed to provision these daws over the weekend.

Will anyone from Steinberg please assist? My order from 4 days ago is nowhere, I’m trying to get these working.

Please help? I’m unable to submit a support request with Asknet nor Steinberg as there’s no order number.
The last time this happened I gave up, attempted to purchase more licenses, and received a note that there is “a duplicate order request”.
This system is not working.

Not affiliated with Steinberg but have you tried reaching them via twitter/facebook? also @TimoWildenhain might be of assistance?

Hello Hugh,

can you please let me know what is the nature of the problem.
Please PM me.