Attempting second downlaod of Cubase 8: how?

Good morning, afternoon or evening, depending upon where you are!

I purchased the Cubase 8 as a download, yesterday, and duly attempted to receive it by that method. However, this first attempt failed. Despite having a download code and License Key number, the purchase has not yet been recognised in My Products (presumably, because it has yet to be registered), and my tour around the site for a facility to re-download the Update has so far been in vain.

I have submitted a request to My Support and received an acknowledgement: but this also advises of the possibility of a delay in responding , due to various fairs and so on. If there is a way of resolving my difficulty without involving Steinberg Support and incurring a delay from them, I’d appreciate some clear, simple advice about what to do!

Thank You.

Have you entered the activation code into the eLicenser Control Center yet? Is the Cubase 8 license on your dongle? If so, it should then be registered in the “My Steinberg” section. Once it is activated and registered, you should be able to download from the “Downloads” tab in My Steinberg.


Thank you for that advice, especially as I am still waiting for someone at My Support to respond to my request for help in resolving this problem. As you can probably imagine, I am keen to begin using C8, and the option to download it, appeared to satisfy this need. I will follow your suggestion in the hope that it does, albeit later than I anticipated.

In the event that I am not successful, is there another option for me to try?

Thanks again.

‘Dr B’

Let me help you:

  1. Download and install elicenser software:

  2. Run it and register your code (watch the video below):

  3. Wait a few moments, then login to your “My Steinberg area” and you will see links to Cubase 8 (complete version for Mac and Windows).