Attempting to buy Dorico but it is difficult

Wanting to take advantage of the discount, I thought I bought Dorico 4 yesterday. I included my Finale card as requested since it was a cross grade. Today I received two emails from Steinberg at exactly 5.14 AM. The first says I don’t qualify for a cross grade and the second says I do. Then a password is mentioned that I haven’t received. I see no trace of my order at the Steinberg website and no idea how to proceed.

There is a complication in that I already had a Steinberg account and am doing a 30 day trial of Dorico. However, Dorico 4 is not listed in my elicenser if that is how one usually activates a trial. When I attempted to complete the order through my account, I was asked for my password, and even though I was already logged in to the site with this password, it suddenly wouldn’t accept it. When I never received an emailed password to change the password, I ordered Dorico outside of my account.

I called the help number, but that is now closed and seems to be a generalized help service that sounds unpromising. This post may be inappropriate for this forum and if so, please ignore or delete. Thank you.

At the present time, the Steinberg online shop uses a different user account than your Steinberg ID that you use (for example) to access this forum. You will have received your online shop password by email, but perhaps it has gone to your spam folder. You can recover a lost password for the online shop here:

Once you have regained access to your account, click the “Continue Shopping” link in the email that you received telling you that you are eligible for the crossgrade, and you should then be able to complete your purchase and check out.

If you still find yourself unable to complete the purchase, please raise a ticket with the team at AskNet, who manage the Steinberg online shop on our behalf, and they will help you:

Thanks, Daniel. I did find the emailed invitation to set up a password and did so, which gave me access to my account. However, the order is not in my account, and I can’t access the help desk because I don’t have an order number, just a customer number.

At this point, I will just wait for Dorico 5 and/or the next sale to try again.

You can enter “N/A” into the field that asks for an order number.

Thanks again, Daniel. I was able to submit the ticket to AskNet. I am very sorry to trouble you with this, but grateful for the help.