ATTENTION - Cleanup function missing!!!

The Cleanup function is missing from the File menu… Is it moved? Or is it dropped? Or is it a bug?

This is a function that have worked very well for since its introduction, and a very good way to CLEAN UP your unused/unreferenced audio files.

For my workflow it’s essential, and one of the things that make me feel more comfortable in Cubase than in other DAW’s.

I really hope this is just an early oversight, or I’ll get :smiling_imp:


Its both an issue, and a heads-up (in the other section) :slight_smile:

I just found out that is missing. Argh!
It is also missing from the manual. Don’t tell me Steinberg removed that function, that would be insane. I mean, why???

Any solution to this? Steinberg? This is a HUGE part of my backup process? I am backing up locally and to the cloud, why has this been removed?

I may have to reinstall 9 just to use it?

  • Sean Ryder Williams


This function had been removed by purpose.

If you install Cubase 9, it will work in Cubase 9, of course.

Why? Why are Steinberg always removing things that have worked well for many years?
This is a big part of my workflow on file handling, and one of the best solution among all DAW’s to clean up all unreferenced files…

And on this matter I really hope Steinberg change their mind on. Please give us this back…

Yes, please Steinberg, bring it back (or at least explain us why it has been removed)