ATTENTION: Steinberg Management

In December 2013, I sent through a support request using the ‘My Support’ option via my Steinberg account, as instructed to do so in order to contact Steinberg support directly.

Two weeks later, I sent through another support request asking if my original support request had been received and if it was being attended to.

To date, I have received no response from Steinberg to either of the support requests and have taken to the forum to try and establish if anyone has received those requests, and if anyone in management is motivated to actually read them and respond to them.

I cannot understand why trying to get support from a company to which I have paid enough money over the years is so difficult to achieve, or why a system is put in place that simply does not work!

I would like to get an answer from Steinberg and would request that someone in the company go and read the original support request that I submitted in December last year and then make some kind of effort to respond.

Thank you.


did you receive any automated responses ?

You could always hound the mods via PM or do as my avatar shows if you want some attention.

BTW what are your problem(s) exactly?

Yes, your emails are here and I am really sorry for the delay. We will respond to them very soon!

Service with a smile.

That IMHO is waaay kool.

What service?
It would be “waaay kool” if support actually respond to support requests.
That would make me smile!

Do you have any request sent to support not answered?

I can check into that.

Yes, 3 on the same issue (1st was send the 11th of december 2013, I received a reply today) and 1 on another issue.

I noticed I did not received any confirmation (checked my SPAM folder) from your support ticket system for any of the requests. Which makes it hard to know if the support request was received, resulting in opening more than one ticket for the same issue.


confirmations are sent when contacting US or EU support.
Sorry for the delay, this is a very busy period, but we’ll get on top of this.

As per your issues, both have been reported and we have open cases for both.


Okay, thank you for the information. FYI, my country is within the EU (Netherlands) and I did not received the confirmation emails. In the passed a confirmation was received, but since MySteinberg is updated I didn’t received any confirmation.

That’s clear, I hope they will be resolved in the near future.

Thanks for the response, much appreciated!

Would you mind sending me the e-mail address tied to your MySteinberg via PM? I didn’t find anything with your forum account’s e-mail (neither in MySteinberg nor in our inbox).

Thanks in advance.

I think the solution here is that the email address is not in your MySteinberg registration, maybe changed by the user. Solution would be to change the details whenever your email address changes for whatever reason (change of ISP etc.) . So when one needs support, because one doesn’t often, then maybe check the email in MySteinberg before sending a report in and send it from that address. I use a number of email addresses so I must check this myself too.