attention - win 10 fall update breaks licences

Yesterday it was again time to update after constant irritating popups that an update should be installed, thus so i did. It is the still experimental creators update 1709. Often this is a daring undertaking with windows and so was this time.

broken licenses:

1/ steinberg soft e-licenser.
“the software was altered in a onrecoverable way” = steinberg soft E-licencer was broken in an unrecoverable way and i need to contact steinberg for a solution. FWIW, i didn’t do anything except updating windows. The dongle itself is still working.

omnisphere: was unauthorized, but that was recoverable after re-authorisation

The rest seems still to be in working order.
Let’s hope it stays like that.

kind regards

I had the same with Omnisphere and Trilian. I also had this when I cloned my SSD to a larger one just before initiating the fall creators update. I don’t have soft licenses from Steinberg so no issues there. The fall creators update replaces almost everything so be aware of this behavior.

updating the E-licenser to the latest version did the trick. The Soft e-licencer is repaired now.

You should expect that to happen with every major Windows10 update.
But it is easily fixed, sometimes just by starting the eLicenser as admin and doing a maintenance, other time a software update is required.