ATTN Mods: Opening/Close Time 6.5 v 7.0.1 (Actual Times)

Attn mods:

Not sure if this is an acknowledged issue, but I took the time to open a series of projects in 6.5 and 7.0.1, and compare the open/close times with a stop watch to offer specific information. As the numbers will show, it is a very significant difference on my PC (system specs provided at the bottom of this post).

Opening and Closing Program


  • Launch: 00.14.31
    Close: 00.04.09


  • Launch: 00.57.06
    Close: 00.30.87

MIDI Only (Small Project 64-bit VSTi Non-Bridged)

  • 6.5.1 Open: 00:18:04
    6.5.1 Close: 00:04:90

  • 7.0.1 Open: 01:03:54
    7.0.1 Close: 00:35:55

Audio Only (No MIDI) - 49.4MB

  • 6.5.1 Open: 00:20:07
    6.5.1 Close: 00:04:18

  • 7.0.1 Open: 01:05:43
    7.0.1 Close: 00:32:85

Audio & MIDI - 176MB

  • 6.5.1 Open: 00:36:00
    6.5.1 Close: 00:05:80

  • 7.0.1 Open: 01:35:13
    7.0.1 Close: 00:40:86

Audio & MIDI - 1.8 GB

  • 6.5.1 Open: 00:48:82
    6.5.1 Close: 00:06:43

  • 7.0.1 Open: 02:33:09
    7.0.1 Close: 00:58:32

System Specs:

Processor: AMD Phenom II x6 1090T
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) SP 1
6.5: 64-bit
7.0.1: 64-bit
Sound Card: RME Multiface (Driver v3.31)

There’s something wrong with your system because my startup/loading times are almost identical. I haven’t bothered to time them because I haven’t noticed a difference.

Core i7 2600k
16gb RAM
MOTU Firewire

Edit: Sorry, regarding the shutdown times - I have noticed Cubase 7 is sometimes a lot slower, and sometimes it’s not. So I would agree with you that that is an issue.

Thanks for the response. Nothing has changed in my system. 6.5.1 is running beautifully.

Can a moderator chime in here? If this is a technical issue specific and unique to me, I will submit this to customer support.

Submit a support ticket.

I have not done any measurement but I here that the harddrive needs to work a lot more when starting 7.0.1 than 6.5.4. (OSX)

Not true. C7 starts quick,here. Closes quick,also.

HDD full? Defragged?

I too am seeing long wait times. Long wait times even when I am just starting a new project from a template that has no plugins, instruments or audio/midi files. I go to 6.5 and it is much faster. Also, when closing device options, or even just cancelling takes a full minute for it to actually close. I do run 16 vst inputs and at least 16 to 24 vst outputs, not sure if that is where the slow down could be with it configuring the mixconsole, just a guess. Opening and closing existing projects also takes much longer with 7.0 for me. 6.5 is on the same computer and does not take nearly as long. So my curiosity too is, on the same system, 6.5 and 7.0 coexist. 7.0 is considerably slower than 6.5. Just closing 7.0 takes a considerable longer time. And forget 7.01, it is sooo much slower than 7.0, so I still use 7.0.

Plenty of free HD space. Ca. 20% of C Drive (OS) filled. Ca. 25% of D drive full (Programs). Ca. 30% of data drive (projects) taken. All drives are defragged regularly (though they have never exceeded 5%).


Core2duo laptop:

Start :18 secs
Close : 5 secs


Aloha guys,

Just to chime in…

All is well here. (almost) with C5/6/7

I have not ‘timed’ it but I see/feel no
noticeable difference with ‘open’ times
between all three.

With all three versions
I can just punch ‘open’ then turn and sip my Mai Tai
and by the time I look back at the screen
Cubase is ready to go. (as long as the ‘Hub’ is not up)

But ‘close’ is a different story.

C7 never ‘hangs’ but sometimes it takes it’s
own sweet time to fully close.
Long enough for me to notice. (and that’s not good)

At first I thought it might be caused by
some older 3rd party stuff because among other plugs
I still use some 32 bit SampleTank plugs.

Using this older stuff brings up the dreaded 'VST BRIDGE"
which carries with it it’s own potential set of probs.

But this ‘slow closing’ thang can also happen with
me using only Steiny plugs or no plugs at all.
and while running Cubase 7 @ 64 bit with no bridge at all.

The prob is intermittent (which is the worst type of prob)
so I am never sure when it is going to happen and
I can not make any preparations in advance.

This being said this prob is just a minor annoyance
and definitely not a ‘show-stopper’ in any sense.

Perhaps the update will change things.
Either for good or bad, it usually does.


Bumping in the hope a Mod will chime in.

I have no problems opening and closing projects created on my system.

However projects created on a different system are another matter. One of my collaborators has a template with Halion SE in it. Opening even the simplest session that still has Halion in it takes several minutes to open.

Im definitely noticing huge differences in the startup times on cubase 7 compared to 6.5… Especially with the midi initialization process… I haven’t timed it, but I’m pretty sure it hangs there just on that part for at least a minute. Everything else seems pretty smooth.

There’s another couple of threads where this has been mentioned too…

Do you know if anyone from Steinberg has chimed in? Acknowledgment of the issue (and assurances it will be addressed) are all I need.

Hi Daniel,
you’ve mailed me your startup time comparisons and we will do research as soon as we find the time to do so.



Opening project takes about a minute.
Closing project takes about minute or even two (if there’s a lot bridged plugins).

Thanks!! I’m usually quite patient, but these long times are a bit trying. Glad you were able to pop in and see other people seem to be having similar problems. :slight_smile: