attn. teachers, I need advice

Hello all.
I am a private music teacher who wishes to introduce my students to DAW usage. At first they would be inputting tracks of audio. I am looking for an inexpensive sequencer to introduce them to multitracking.
I don’t want to scare them away with too many things to learn at first. For those with Keyboard skills, MIDI will come later. Most are wind instrument players.
They are all PC users of windows 7 and 10. Any suggestions about using their wind instruments as inputs to a “starter sequencer” would be appreciated. They would start with duets and trios that I would write for them, where they would record each part.
Any and all suggestions would be appreciated, Thank You.
Jack the Quiet Bear.

For that level, it seems lots of the kids start with some version of Garage Band. I don’t know the program at all, but I’ve seen it widely populated on Apple Devices. I think it has enough to give them an easy way to start without the pro features beginners don’t need and may even find confusing.

Cubase’s entry-level program is also an easy to use basic midi sequencer. So if there’s a MIDI lesson plan, it could certainly be used in a classroom or individual instruction setting. Cubase has its quirk about Flat Keys and Flat Notes, but by the time a student is ready to understand Keys, it won’t matter that Cubase has some peculiarities about it. Good luck.

If you want to start with audio only recording then Audacity might be a good fit. It’s free, straightforward and will give them a good sense of what working in a DAW is like without the added complexity of midi & virtual instruments.

Studio One Prime is FREE and works on Mac or PC

Cakewalk is also free these days, I’d pick that over Audacity for ease of use.
Garage band is really simple to use but limited to Apple unfortunately.