"Attribute Counter" in Media Bay. What does it do?

I’ve recently been having some issues with my Audio samples loading extremely slow in Media bay.

Since I’ve been watching my steps in trying to find the source of the issue I’ve noticed the “Attribute Counter” will always have more
“number of items waiting to have their attributes updated” than actual samples in any given folder.
Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 10.52.29 AM.png
Looking into that I found whats called an “Attribute Inspector” with lists of different attributes to check and uncheck.
I’m trying to figure out the use of this as a search doesnt bring up many detailed results and the cubase help doesnt provide any in-depth answer.

Folders will always wait until the Attribute Counter has gotten to 0 before loading so I’m pretty sure this is the source of my slow loading.

Does anyone know what the “Attribute Counter” is, how its related to the Attribute Inspector, and if not necessary, to cancel this search criteria?

Thanks for any info and advice :smiley:


The manual says:

Attribute Counter
Shows the number of attributes that are being updated.

Yes that quote is what I put in my initial post.

I was wondering what specifically that does. Can cubase not " update attributes" so that media bay folders can load more quickly?
Is there a workaround, and does it have to do with the “Atrribute inspector” ?

Even as I type this replay I’m waiting for 492 " attributes to be updated " until my sample folder is loaded into the media bay.

What do they mean by “attributes.” Do they mean file attributes such as “hidden?” I’m not sure.

I’m having the same issue, anyone know why it takes so long for me to search through my folders. When i disable “include folders and subfolders” the audio takes quick to load but I have to actively click on each folder I want to search in. When I select my entire sample folder it take minutes. This did not happen a few days ago

Found this thread useful:
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