attribute for caesura (break) duration

i searched the forums and couldn’t find this, so sorry if repost…

Is there a dropdown or some simple way to specify how long the playback should pause for a caesura ?
I looked on the bottom attribute field and thought there would simply be some kind of duration I could enter there, but can’t find it.

using elements


Caesura playback is not currently supported. If there is a rest right before or after the caesura, then you can use a hidden tempo change as a workaround.

yes, I see that in the dropdown… but then you have to get the original tempo back (and a tempo doesn’t seem to be working yet, and this text would need to be hidden too).

Is there some other technique you are referring to that does a temporary tempo change on a note and then resets itself ?


Your best bet is to switch to Play mode and draw in the tempo changes you want using the pencil tool on the Time track.

There’s more development work to be done here. “A tempo” doesn’t always work as it should.