Attribute tags disappear when the file is re-saved


Not sure if that is the primary logic of how the MedaiBay tagging works?

I’ve tried to find an answer in the manual, but without the success.

Simply, is Cubase logic to preserve all the selected tagging info when project file & .wav has been re-saved?

I’ve noticed that .wav files do get tags swept away when re-exported.

Project files seem to keep its attribute tags when re-saved though.

Any clarification would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


All the “Factory” VSTPreset & Others (coming with Cubase or Steinberg VSTi) are locked so even if you “just” unselect the folder in mediabay all your personal tag are lost… so better doing “User Preset”, this one tags all allways preserved……

Yes, I know that. I’m not referring to that. I’m talking about the content created by me, as a user. The tagging shall remain even if I re-save the project file, right?


Hmm… For .wav files that is OK, but for the project files I really doubt it should work in that way.

Imagine working on the project and investing a 30 minutes just to set all the tags, attributes with correct data about artists, engineers, studio, etc. Opening that file again, to work on some edits, and saving. And - tags are gone? Another 30 minutes to set all the tags again!?

Does that mean that I need to use a separate tagging solution that stores tags for external database? Rather than storing the meta tag info in the actual file.

Maybe I’m missing the point here? If so, could you please enlighten me.