AU-App Analog 909 cannot be recorded in Cubasis 3

I updated from C2 to C3 in hope Apps will work better but it doesn´t. When I load the 909 drum-app in Audio Units in Cubasis 3, it starts playing when push the
record button but it will not be recorded. This also is happening with other apps like EGDR808.
Although f.ex.SynthMasterOne can be recorded…
In the Inter-App mode it´s the same thing. No recording.
Any helping advice on this?

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You are posting in the german Cubase forum, but it seems you are asking about Cubasis. I have changed the tags to Cubasis for you, where experts for Cubasis are looking at.

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So far, we are unaware about dedicated Audio Unit issues with Cubasis. In regards to Inter-App Audio: Audio Unit support has been introduced by Apple a few years ago replacing IAA support, and offering much more flexibility and reliability.

Please get in touch with the 3rd party plug-in app vendors and let them know about your current issues. If required I’m at hand to have them equipped with promo codes for testing purposes.

Hope that helps!


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Thanks for the info!Ok.this means I do not need the upgrade to C3 as it does not solve this problem.

Is there any drummachine app similar to the EGDR808 that works with Cubasis? I downloaded „Classic machines“ but it doesn’t work like a real drum machine where I push the Start-Button and it s running.
Or is there a way to operate the classic machines plug in like a start/stop device?

I guess I found a solution on this problem: I add to Tracks in the project. First: Midi. Here I choose via Inter-App the 3rd party app-in my case EGDR808. Second track: Audio. Important: in routing I select in Input the app (808). I Arm the 2nd track for recording, push the play/record button in Cubasis. Then the drums will be recorded in track 2 (audio).

Hi @jtc,

Thanks for the update, glad to read this!

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