AU Instruments

I should be grateful if Cubase 10 would allow Apples AU-instruments to be implemented as plug-ins.



Don’t count on it. It’s a completely different plugin format not supported by Cubase and most other DAWs.
Unless you are asking for 3rd party plugins, which should all be available as VST as well, then it’s not gonna happen. Apple probably want these plugins to be for Logic only, else they would have released them as VST and AAX as well.

Pointless. 99.9% of all AU plugins are just VST plugins with an AU wrapper. The Logic instruments don’t work in other DAWs.

If you want a big collection of good instruments, consider getting the full version of Halion Sonic 3. The content is completely different from the one that comes with Cubase.

Indeed pointless… only the audio spillage stuff is AU only, i don’t know of any other plugins… and it’s old and not updated now anyway… although excellent drum machines.
Still i doubt steinberg would add AU support for like 1 or 2 plugins.

it’s not 99% anymore btw… most are true AU plugins now afaik.

@KHS… on mac that’s not true at all… i have to be fair… DP9/Reaper/StudioOne/Ableton/Tracktion-Waveform/Numerology all support AU… there are others too… i don’t know why you say “most other daws”… I would say most mac daws DO support it.

The only major daws on mac that don’t support AU are Cubase and Pro tools… and that makes sense… Pro tools creators made their own plugin format, and same with Cubase’s creators. The other DAWS try to support as much as possible. (aax can only be supported by avid programs as they refuse to allow others to use it, so that’s not anyone else’s fault).

PS if you DO find some plugins that do not have VST versions, my recommendation is blue cat patchwork which can host Au’s in a vst plugin… Same with DDMF metaplugin.

Oh, i just remembered the sinevibes stuff is AU only too, and they do have some great plugins.

Didn’t know as I’m not a MAC user. But anyway, only a very few plugins are AU only and it shouldn’t be too hard to find a VST substitute that will do the same.

If OP have a specific and non outdated plugin that is AU only, it would be a better choice if he wrote to the plugin developer and asked them to make their plugins available in VST format. He would probably have better luck with that, than asking Steinberg to implement AU into Cubase which I’m 99,9% certain they would never do. That is of course unless the said plugins a Logic plugins created by Apple who would likely never create their plugins for other than Logic only.

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The few devs that make AU only, very very few, have been approached about VST so many times and are just not interested. i really don’t think it’s a big deal, all the best stuff is in VST and most of it even in VST3 (fabfilter, izotope, etc).

I completely agree with you… AU in cubase won’t ever happen.

I am pretty sure there are a couple mac vst plugins that don’t make it in Au format either.

Oh and yes, AU is a mac plugin format only… created by apple specifically for Logic initially. It was fair enough back then too, as they were better than VST2 in that you only needed one component file for all different output versions of the plugin, as well as some other advantages. But VST3 is better again. I just wish Avid hadn’t been stubborn with AAX and apple with AU… i just wish all daws simply used VST3, then all the plugin devs would port their plugins, there’d be one good standard… this is the way it should be. VST3 should be the midi of the plugin world.