AU Plugins Crash in Cubasis

1. Summary/Title
Several AU Plugins keep repeatedly crashing while using Cubasis 3. Among those BeatHawk and iSymphonic.

2. Description
a. Add multiple AU Extensions to the project (for me, adding BeatHawk’s Classical Percussions - Taikos, Gran Cassas etc. does the trick, but multiple Strings by iSymphonic work as well). I am on AirPods so using BT Audio. I found I could not adjust device latency while doing so, but by default, it goes very low as to 8.
b. Start drawing notes in the AU Extension tracks and play them.
c. Eventually (takes about 10-20 redos or 10 minutes of work), all the tracks from the same extension go silent without any warning.

The only workaround is to restart Cubasis 3 altogether and try again and repeat again after the plugin crashes again.

3. Expected Results
AU Plugins should not crash or there should be an option in Cubasis 3 to reload AU plugins so that I would not need to restart the whole program every time.

4. Actual Results
The plugins keep crashing without warning.

5. Environment
iPad Pro 2019 (NTXQ2B/A)
iPadOS 14.4.2
Cubasis 3.2.1
BeatHawk 2.2.12
iSymphonic Orchestra 2.2