Au Revoir Sonar

On Friday morning, I opened Sonar Platinum and programmed in 16 bars of my latest composition.
I then selected those 16 bars and pressed copy, but when I tried to paste, it wouldn’t.
I tried paste special, but no joy there either.
I saved and restarted Sonar.
I selected my 16 bars again and clicked copy, but no, it refused to paste.

I have put up with this and other infuriating bugs (and innumerable crashes) for two and a half years because Sonar gave me a better sound quality than my previous DAW, but on Friday afternoon, I decided to abandon Sonar.
Subsequently, on Saturday, I discovered that Gibson have dropped the product. I shall not grieve.

This is obviously my own personal experience and point of view.
I appreciate that other former users of Sonar may have been very happy with the product and I can appreciate their unhappiness with the situation.
Let’s hope that we can all move forward and continue to create music.