Audacity (very quick question?)

Hi folks,

I would like to use AUDACITY just for some ‘narration’ (over a couple of videos I intend to make using Cubase).

I believe it is free but there are many sites offering links/downloads to it. And therefore I am very cautious about downloading from sites I am not familiar with (due to past bad experiences) and obviously I do not want to get a virus !!

Could anyone be kind enough please to forward me a ‘safe’ link/version which has been tried and tested.

Much appreciated,

Paul Seaman

Thanks Mr Beer,

Very much appreciated.

I am not sure though what I need to check/uncheck here (see screen grab) ??

I only literally want it to record the voice narration. I don’t really want it for (or connected to) anything else).



HELP !! I am still in the middle of 'installation" and stuck on this page still ?? Ta,

Just curious, why?
Cubase may be overkill, but you’ve already got it.

So I can record my narration with Audacity on one laptop, and at the same time record video and system-sound on a second PC.

Though I aborted the installation because I was stuck as to what to do and did not want to mess anything up on my PC.

In a similar vain I plan on installing Cubase AI 7 on my Laptop for on-location recordings - because I just need the basics and want a smaller SW footprint.

You probably don’t need any of the plugins in that screen if you just record with audacity and then carry the recording over to your Cubase PC for editing. You can safely uncheck every single one of them if you want to do just recording. You could leave the ones that are located in the ‘audacity’ folder checked if you want, all the other ones are third party ones you probably already have in Cubase. (which is why they’re listed there).

Thanks Strophoid,

I did exactly what you said !!



just for the record. (if audacity’s interface does not work well with your workflow)

I use NCH software for the same purpouse on a little laptop and they are free for non commercial usage.
They offer all the tools you need for low footprint workflow.
They even offer a basic multitrack sequencer/audio recorder.
And for those guys who are looking to ripp the internet: yes, they offer a working streaming recorder too. :slight_smile:

kind regards,

Thanks Roel,

That’s handy to know.