Audi tracks disappear after mixdown

Yesterday evening I ended a Cubasis session with a mixdown to m4a. Then I shut down the app, v1.3. This morning I launched Cubasis again to discover that all five audio tracks in the project were gone! The three Midi tracks were still there.

As I already had quitted using the “undo” button (see other topic) this must have a different cause. Anyone experiencing similar problems?

Ipad 3 with 64 Gb on IOS 6.1.2

At this stage, I would immediately downgrade to 1.2 if that would be possible: I’ve lost hours of work over the past days…

Hi All,

to reproduce this issue I need an detailed step by step discription and :

  • Please provide project to
  • What where the last steps before closing Cubasis?
    -…and the last steps before the mixdown?


I’ll see if I can send the project file tonight.

Before closing Cubasis if I remember correctly the last step was playing the result of the mixdown.

Last step before mixdown was just listening to the mix several times. Sorry, don’t remember what were the actual last editing steps.