Audible click at the end of wav file

In producing a cd disc (using a RIMAGE duplicator), an audible click occurs at the end of the last track. Wavelab is used to create cd folder with audio splits at 3 minute intervals (each track saved as separate files).

After many trials and errors we discovered that Wavelab 8 (build 698) 64 bit and 32 bit both created this click at the end of the CD file, but only Wavelab 7 (build 600) 32bit provided a non-click cd (i.e. no click with Wavelab 7).

Any leads or help would be greatly appreciated.

Our company distributes 32,000 cds per month.

Broadcast Engineer

Can you please clarify what you mean by ‘CD folder’. Do you mean a DDP file set? Or a particular set of files in a folder that’s to be sent to the Rimage machine in a proprietary process?

If you import the duplicated CD-R back into WL, and other software, is the click visible/detectible?

Also, have you played the duplicated CD in more than one CD player? Is the click audible in all players? I am aware of instances where duplicated CD-Rs may not play perfectly in some models.

And did you use plugins? Are you burning an audio montage or basic audio cd? Are you using cd text?

I’m David’s coworker, so I’ll try to clarify.

PG, we did not use any plugins. We do not use Wavelab to burn a CD. We use an Rimage automated CD publisher.

The Rimage publisher can use mono or stereo wav or aiff files to create a redbook CD.

If I use Wavelab 8 to create a 16-bit wav file, when I burn that file to a CD using the Rimage publisher, the CD will have an audible click, or pop sound at the end of the file. Each file added will be a track on the CD.

When I do the exact some process on Wavelab 7 or older, there is no problem on the resulting CD.

Dave’s PC has the same problem, the work-around was for him to install Wavelab 7 to create any file that will end up on a CD. I do the same, I master in Wavelab 8, and create wav files for CD creation on Wavelab 7.

To answer your question, a CD folder, is nothing more than a folder containing a bunch of mono wav files, that would be individual songs if this were a music CD.

I’ll try to import the CD-R, that’s a good idea. I’ll let you know what I find.

We did try two different players, and the click is present on both when the wav file was created in Wavelab 8.


Thank you for the clarification. Let us know how you go with the CD re-import.

In the meantime … if all we are talking about are wave files, then I agree that you would not expect there to be a difference between one created in WL 7 and one created in WL 8.

Perhaps bring the same wave files generated by both WL 7 and WL 8 (place them in different folders of course to avoid renaming) and use audio file comparator: select Analysis > File Comparator

This will establish if there are any difference between the files. My expectation is that they will be identical.

Also, you can check to see if there is anything different in the file header info. I think from memory it is accessed through edit>metadata

Also, as PG has asked: Are you using CD Text?

One final … crazy … thought: for WL 8 generated files. Try creating a new test folder. Copy the files that WL 8 deposited into the folder destined for the Rimage into that new folder. See if the click still presents if the Rimage processes from that test folder. There is a reason I am thinking like this. Another very high end program I use formerly caused files that it had created to do very unusual stuff or not be accessible. We believe that this had a lot to do with Windoze configuration than the programs.

Then I guess there is a difference of setting between WaveLab 7 and 8, that confuses Rimage.
Look at the Audio File Preferences, and try with these options off:

  • Support RF64 bormat
  • Create optimized audio file headers.

Apart from that, verify that you wav files are not created with meta-data.

It’s not common today, but certain audio file readers/players are not always 100% compatible when certain special features are used.

Hi PG,

I’m back at work now, I have unchecked the Support RF64 format.

I can’t find an option for “Create optimized audio headers”

I did rip the CD that had the click in it, and sure enough, it’s visible in Wavelab. It occurs at about 14ms into the file.


I can’t find an option for “Create optimized audio headers”


I did rip the CD that had the click in it, and sure enough, it’s visible in Wavelab. It occurs at about 14ms into the file.

This tends to confirm that the RIMAGE did not read properly the files.
Therefore, you should try with all the options I told you about, off.