Audible HD activity in Cubase 6

Since I upgraded to a i7 PC with Win 7 Pro 64 bits I have the following problem
when working with Cubase 6. I am pretty sure Cubase is not the problem here.

My Adam P-33 monitors emit high frequency computer noises (buzzing). They are not very loud
but really disturbing if you are used to a cal environment. It seems like this happens during HD activity.
The noise is also audible when the volume knob of my montor controller is down to zero.
When I pull off the firewire cable of my soundcard(Motu 896 HD) the noise dissappears.
I read different things about grounding loops and bad cables but couldn’t figure it out.

I hope someone can help.


Is your Motu 896 PCI or PCIe ?

Have you tried reorienting the cable to see if the noise goes away when you move it around ?

There are so many things that could be causing the noise it will probably take a while to find out the real cause.

What brand is your motherboard ?

I assume you didn’t have the noise issue with your old system, if so I doubt if the Motu firewire cable is the cause, but it could be the new motherboard itself.

My MOTU is a firewire device. Re-orientating the fiwire cable
didn’t make any difference. My motherboard is a Gigabyte X58-USB3.

I know there can be lots of causes but I was looking for an uncomplicated approach
to fix this issue. I hope someone else had a similar issue to tell my what to do.

I have a Motu 2408MkII & 1224 so I do know some of their issues, but not this one as I’m still on XP Pro, so I guess you’ll have to see if someone else can help.

Listing your motherboard should help in case someone else has a similar problem.

Good luck, hope you solve it !

Thanks for your time and support Paul.

Can anyone else help ?