Audio activity but no sound?!

I’m having a nightmare trying to get my EMU0404 which was all fine before to play audio using it’s own EMU ASIO driver.
I built up a new PC, put 64bit Win 7 on and loaded on my Cubase 5 64bit. I have the up to date EMU drivers installed but when I fire up a VSTi and I play keys, I can see both midi and audio coming through on the transport bar, but I hear nothing. I’ve set Patchmix DSP to 44.1 and the cubase project settings are also 44.1.
In the device setup under EMU ASIO I have latency of about 20, but no audio. If I switch to ASIO4ALL v2 I get 5.8 latency but no audio. If I then select Generic Low Latency Audio Driver, I get 40ms latency with audio.
I’m pulling my hair out hear and desperately need some help! It was all ok in my 32bit PC. :frowning:
Any help and advice would be much appreciated!

Just a thought…

You say you have fired up a VSTi but have you actually picked a VSTi sound?

Regards :sunglasses:

Hi, yes, I could see sound activity when pressing a key but no audio. I’ve solved it now though. It was something to do with the 64bit EMU0404 driver and Cubase 64bit. I loaded on the 32bit version and all is back to normal. :smiley:

Nice. :wink:

Regards. :sunglasses: