Audio Activity - Default input channel to hot

Ahoy mates,

This is my first post so be gentle! :unamused: So hello and thanks for helping out.

I put my system configuration in my signature as I’ve seen suggested in some of the post that I’ve read. I hope it has enough information. Let me if there is anything I can add for future post.

So here’s my question:

I have everything installed and I’m able to do simple recordings of my drum kit as I play. So far so good! However, I notice on the “TRANSPORT PANEL” that the Audio Activity - Default Input Channel clips regularly in other words the box about the levels turns RED. So it looks like to me that the level coming from the Yamaha mixer over the USB connection is to high. Of course if I turn down all the mic on the mixer that level is OK, however I’m sacrificing sound quality on the board.

And I know that I can set the level for each track in CuBase my concern is the too “HOT” incoming line level.

So I guess here’s my real question:

  1. Is clipping at the Default input channel normal or is it a problem?
  2. Is there a way to control “lower” or “reduce” the incoming signal in CuBase or within the Windows 7 operating system?

Any help or instructions to reduce the clipping would be very appreciated.



First thing I notice is in your profile you mention ASIO DirectX full duplex driver?

Should you not be using the Yamaha MG166CX ASIO driver?

Also you should use Cubases metering to set levels, so if it’s clipping on the input in cubase you will need to turn the interface input down to where it doesn’t clip any more.

Hi Split,

I can’t find a specific ASIO driver from Yamaha for the MG166CX-USB.

And I can’t find how to set the metering levels to stop the clipping in the input. Any suggestions?

OMG… the mixer doesn’t have a dedicated ASIO driver? You are right, the manual states you must use the directX full duplex driver, thats naff!!!

I’m not familiar with Cubase AI but the input gain is set by the MG166 Mixers Gain control and I would assume that the level meter in AI when in record shows the recording level.

You do not set recording levels with cubase, it’s set at the MG166 mixer, the level is then digitised and sent to Cubase.
If clipping is occurring, then once it’s digitalised you can not unclip it later. That is why you need to set the level at the MG166 first.

Oh… by the way there is an update for AI on the Yamaha site if you’ve not got it yet.